Yoga: Relax Your Body To Heal Your Mind: GAYLORD – Over the years, yoga has become a good place with a cult-like followers of cooperation. Yoga has become synonymous with tight abs, firm buttocks and tight elastic pants. We hear the word yoga, and immediately increase flexibility and strength. However, there is a bit of secret yoga – it sometimes makes you cry.

The study found that volunteers with high levels improved after only 15 minutes of activity per day.

About 12 million adults take medication for high blood pressure, which is the biggest cause of heart disease and stroke.

The new study involved 60 volunteers with high blood pressure.

Only 15 minutes of “street dog” exercise every Friday, found that their readings were reduced by approximately 10%.

Scientists say that this is similar to taking pills in patients, which is often used for high blood pressure.

While yoga can change your physical state, but when you start a regular yoga practice, you almost do not hear what happens to you emotionally.

“Yoga postures do not really exercise,” said Dr. Gary Sachs or Saks Wellness Center, 1447 S. Otsego Ave. “What they really mean is that you get yourself in a position that continues for some time and will relax. to the chemistry of the body, affect the chemistry of the brain, which will affect your body produces hormones.There are 84 (postures), which are designed in a particular way affect the body.

Yoga enrich the mind and spirit. Our bodies and emotions are different every day, yoga helps achieve this goal.

“Yoga is very focused in our interior, to establish a separation between what our true self is and what is happening around us,” Sachs said.

Start or deepen your practice is not lacking in Gaylord. Here are some places around the city, you can reach the mat.

• Yoga-45 – This cozy studio is located in Gaylord (Gaylord) charming center of a converted garage, offers a variety of ages and levels of experience of courses and activities. 148 W. Main St. (Court Street Entrance); (989)350-4660

• Song of the morning – located in the forest of the state of Rio de la Paloma. Song of the morning yoga provides a total immersion experience. If you are looking for people to relax, or have the opportunity to learn the spirit of tools, “Song of the morning” are waiting for you. Vanderbilt This Valley Road sturgeon 9607; (989)983-4107

• Orion and unicorn stone – Gaylord is located in the historic center of the city, if you want metaphysics, this curious little shop is where you go. Starting in September he started offering soft yoga. 122 S Otsego Ave.; (989)731-6400

• Gaylord sports complex – the favorite activity of many facilities is Gaylord location. From hockey to swimming, this place has yoga. The slow flow, Vinyasa courses and multi-level. 1250 Gornick Ave. (989)858-3400