TITAN GEL recommends 4 bottles of treatment that do not contain stains and are easily removed with water and do not contain deposits. Perfume and parabens are free.

Synergistic complexes of bioactive substances: hyaluronic acid and succinic acid, as well as natural extracts of verbena and strawberry fruits provide a positive effect of penis enlargement. After using the gel bath, apply it on clean skin twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

A small amount of the gel is concentrated along the entire length until the gel is completely absorbed. This may take a few minutes. It’s not a spermicide.

Titanium gels can be used with vacuum pumps, dilators and special exercises for penis enlargement, called “jelkin” (applied to the external genitalia in accordance with the instructions for the equipment or before training)

How does the Titan gel work?

Even if it is obtained using the original method or is used irregularly, this unique substance can also provide the desired effect. Thanks to the modern method of making extracts and their combination with many natural active substances, the creators of the “Titan gel” have achieved impressive results!

Only 100% of natural ingredients are used for food production. Taking into account this fact, “Titan Gel” is absolutely safe for men’s health.

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Titan Gel is a unique product with a strong formula. Extract from Guantam frog gland is one of the active substances of the gel. This species lives in the local population of South America, understands the amazing effects of the substance produced by the frog gland 700 years ago, and actively uses it.
The active formula “Titan Gel” influences the body’s cavernosa and scaly cavernous, promotes blood circulation and improves the tissue structure. As the blood supply becomes more active, the tissue accelerates, and the diameter of the penis becomes longer and longer.

This product only affects the tissue of the penis in a positive way. They do not lose form, are not strongly and unnaturally stretched and grow in a natural and painless way.

“Titan Gel” provides additional anti-inflammatory effects. Its use significantly reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases and infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

How should I use the Titan Gel for best results?
After only 2 weeks of use, the effect of using a unique product becomes obvious. You have to admit that a length of 1 or 1.5 inches is a worthy and perceptible increase in perimeter that will be difficult to notice!

If a person is satisfied with the results, he can interrupt the process of supplying the gel. However, if you want to achieve maximum results, you need a month. Within 30 days the length of the penis will increase by 2 “!

To achieve such an impressive effect, you must apply the gel to the penis in the same way as every day:

Apply gel on clean body after shower

A small amount of gel is tightly used along the entire length of the penis, expecting that the gel will be absorbed.

The product was quickly absorbed, without any unpleasant odors and traces left. After working on the gel, the man does not feel any discomfort. The most important thing is that using this amazingly effective product can be easily hidden in your partner to give her incredible sex and a new look!

The information provided on the official website says that the product can increase the flow of blood into the genital area. This increases the size of the erection.

Unlike other competing products, it only allows blood to flow in the penis area. It is said that the product increases the amount of blood entering the genital area.

The manufacturer claims that it is very easy to use. This involves rubbing the gel on the penis every day.

Daily use of the cream helps the penis to increase on waking. He also prepares for men the expected performance and pleasure.

Manufacturers also claim that their products are safe and do not produce any possible side effects. Thus, Titan Gel is considered a simpler and more natural solution.