Difficult Rudder Champion On How To Deal With The Obstacle Course: With a large amount of bonus fund, Mudder Hard X (TMX) has attracted some of the most ambitious athletes in the world. They represent multiple disciplines and depend on fierce struggles to determine who is the best and the fastest.

TMX obstacle course (OCR) led to 10 strong fitness challenges, such as railing monkeys and carry one-mile filled sandbags. In August of each year, the best male and female champions will receive a prize of $ 25,000 in the TMX Championship. The TMX is part of the Tough Mudder series and has a variable length of 5 km to 24 hours.

25-year-old Corinna Coffin is a graduate of sports nutrition and Salt Lake City CrossFit competitor, won last year’s TMX champion, and won second place in 2018 reappearance. This has been worth it for your bank account and your trust.

We came across Coffin during some rare downtime (not easy) to discover some of his training secrets.

Coffin that claims to be “hybrid” players have mastered the combination of OCR preparation: high intensity interval training (HIIT), endurance, agility and speed. This is what she knows. When I was young, the coffin accepted hockey, soccer, cross-country skiing and triathlon.

She added strength and strength to CrossFit. The coffin works five days a week. One day it was “active recovery”, and the last day was inactive all day. She controls her resistance by cycling, running and swimming.

But many athletes are administering similar training programs. This does not mean they can win the difficult mud. But Coffin offers five ideas for aspiring OCR athletes.

Of course, we have “life barriers” every day, but I am talking about our daily environment. Take the stairs when going to work; jumping a fence in the park, biking or walking to the grocery store, lowering the balance on the ledges or rocks (but not too crazy).

Actually, play monkeys on the playground with your son. Believe it or not, all this will result in your next OCR, making you more competent.

In pre and post grade school now, I realize that, in addition to my training time outside the gym, my daily absence. Once I decided to close my whole day, this is an opportunity to improve more and more, I started to see my game has improved.

We all like to win. But if you win all the training, you may need to find some training partners to earn money for you. Otherwise, you will be complacent. If you do not usually work with others, it may be worth trying this approach.

Facebook and other social networking sites can help you find training groups and group exercise classes. For me, CrossFit gym is one of the best places to look for another soul competition, I can trust him to give me a whooping cough.

The blocking capacity requires 100% confidence and zero doubts. You must attack the obstacles with the greatest determination and confidence. Take a moment to jump, imagine your success and then do it. If you stop thinking for too long, you will feel upset.

This does not mean you should not or can not get nervous when trying obstacles. (Trust me, I’m nervous about some obstacles in each game.) Take the monkey as an example. I did it a thousand times, but with the addition of water, my confidence suddenly collapsed.

I learned to take a deep breath, imagine my success through obstacles and focus on the bar, not the water. Once I promise the first bar, I will not stop moving forward.

Nobody has their first OCR who is familiar with all the obstacles (if any). You just have to jump with your feet.

If you do not take care of your body (ie, nutrition and mental health) from the inside out, you will not be able to get the full effect of the training. In addition, OCR is more spiritual than anything else. I use a lot of positive self-talk and visualization to keep my mind in the game. But I’m still working hard.

If your mind is correct, your body will do the same.

To help my body do what it should, my diet includes many whole foods and complex carbohydrates to improve training. I do not follow any specific nutrition plan, but I like to focus on micronutrients (foods dense in real nutrients, like plants!), As much as the macronutrients.

5. Keep a simple computer.
When it comes to matching days, I like to keep it simple. A pair has a certain quality of traction shoes (like Altra Superior or King MT) compression tight clothing and a few very useful for me.

For example, I have participated in all matches for the game TMX is using the same Altra Superiors [brand] sponsors of the coffin. I retired after the last